Constipated? Run and get Run Chang Wan

Published: 23rd September 2008
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This is a classic constipation formula recorded in 1249 CE by the herbalist Lee Tung-yuan in his medical treatise Discussion of the Spleen and Stomach.

Run Chang Wan, also called Moisten Bowel Pills, is designed to treat constipation associated with dry bowels, blood deficiency, and insufficient bodily fluids, conditions often experienced by the elderly and postpartum women.

It relieves constipation by lubrificating the bowels and clearing blockages in the intestinal tract.

Run Chang Wan is indicated for chronic constipation due to dry bowels, but also with related symptoms of dry skin and nails, dry month and tongue, and also chronic thirst.

This traditional Chinese remedy is extremely effective in reducing the feeling of being bloated and full.

Several recommendations are given by traditional Chinese herbalists.

Run Chang Wan is absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women due to its purgent effect in the lower abdomen.

Men and women suffering from this type of constipation and related symptoms should drink a glass of warm, slightly salted water first thing in the morning, on a empty stomach.

Men and women should also avoid pungent spicy foods, red meat, excessive emotional excitement, and all chemical laxatives, which only aggravate and prolong this condition.

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