Feiyan tea

Published: 18th September 2008
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Feiyan tea is used to help lose weight. It has also been used to unblock constipation and aid in digestion. this tea contains some wonderful herbs that are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a host of problems. For example, Retinervus Luffae Fructus has been used to cool the blood, remove excess toxins and promote circulation. In China it is used as a cooling food and has also been used to treat pain. This may be why this is such a desirable herb for a weight loss tea because it help cools the body after exercise and relieves discomfort.

Feiyan tea also contains Folium Nelumbinis, lotus leaf. Lotus leaf is reputed to dispel summer heat. Further it has been suggested that lotus invigorates the spleen and quenches thirst in the process. Semen Coicis (Coix seed) also nourishes the spleen according to traditional herbal use. Further it is beneficial on the stomach and lungs. It tones and them helps eliminate toxins from the body. Coix seed is used in China to cleanse heat and pus from the system and as an added bonus assists with water retention.

People who are trying to lose weight sometimes experience constipation.

Feiyan tea utilizes semen cassiae to remove heat and relax the bowels. according to tradition this relieves constipation as semen cassiae lubricates and soothes the bowels. This herb has also been used to lower blood pressure. Feiyan tea has been used by many people around the world to lose weight and to nourish the body. It contains herbs and teas with a long history according to Chinese Pharmacopoeia of treating problems with the accumulation of toxins and unhealthy weight gain because it improves metabolism amongst other things.

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