Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan for is best for insomnia, amnesia, palpitation and anemia

Published: 23rd September 2008
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Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan is a famous herbal Chinese medicine that is used for curing insomia, amnesia, palpitation as well as anemia. Since years this medicine is used for curing the above diseases effectively. There are several important ingredients used in this medicine to provide the instant relief to the person suffering from the above diseases.

The ingredients used in Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan are Ginseng , Schisandra fruit, Scrophularia , Platycodon , Asparagus root, Wild jujube seed, Ophiopogon root, Poria , Polygala root , Biota seed, Fresh Rehmannia, Red sage root , Chinese Angelica.

Among several the ingredients in Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan Ginseng (Renshen) is a well known herb that is also known as king of all the herbs. This Chinese herb is popular because of its several stimulating properties. This precious herb is available in thick forest regions of North east China as well as in Chang Bai Mountains that are located in Ji Lin Province. It is a fact that the best role of Wild Ginseng is that it regenerates the energy source that is inherent in the body. Thus it provides energy which is must for every one. In addition this herb also tones the spleen as well as the lungs and helps in promoting the secretion of the fluids in the body. This herb helps in relieving the mental stress and cures anemia, impotence as well as menstrual problems in women that are caused because of the inefficiency of blood and Qi. It is also best herb in heart treatments.

The next important ingredient is Schisandra fruit (Wuweizi). This herb is very useful in treating various diseases related to heart, kidney as well as lungs. This herb is used in order to provide nourishment to the kidneys as well as to astringe the most important part of body i.e. lungs. It is also used to provide calmness to the mind as well as the heart. Among other uses, this herb is also used extensively to increase the production of several important fluids in the body. It is also very effective in curing diarrhea.

The third ingredient used in this medicine is Scrophularia (Xuanshen). The pharmaceutical name of this herb is Radix Scrophulariae. This herb or rather roots of the herbs are used in treating various diseases related to kidney, lungs and stomach. These roots are used in the dried form and are used to cure heat as well as used to nourish the yin. It also helps in releasing toxins as well as nodules. This herb is used in combination with other herbs to provide cure from several harmful diseases. It is used together with Mentha (Bohe), Platycodon root (Jiegeng) and Arctium fruit (Niubangzi) to provide relief from sore throat that is mainly caused by exogenous pathogenic wind.

The next ingredient used in this medicine is Platycodon (Jiegeng). This herb is very useful in promoting the dispersing function of lungs and also helps in resolving the problem of phlegm. It is also useful in expelling pus.

The other main ingredient is Asparagus root (Tianmendong). This herb is used for the nourishment of the yin and also helps to moisten the dryness in the body. It is also helpful in clearing the lungs as well as decreasing the fire. Thus these ingredients along with other ingredients are used in preventing several diseases. So if you are want to get rid of above mentioned problems then you must avail the benefits of Tian Wang Bu Xin Wan and experience the difference.

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