Wang Bi Ke Li is best for curing arthritis, frozen shoulder and low back pain

Published: 22nd September 2008
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It is a fact that the Chinese herbal medicines are very popular for their efficiency against various diseases. Among the several medicines, the most common medicine for protecting against arthritis, low pack pain as well as from frozen shoulder is Wang Bi Ke Li. It is a popular Chinese medicine that is also beneficial if a person is suffering from cold weather. It is a medicine that is prepared with pure natural herbs only and that is the reason why it is usually recommended by the Chinese herbal therapists to most of their patients.

The ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of Wang Bi Ke Li include, Rehmannia, Drynaria, Cooked Rehmannia, Cinnamon Twig, Ledebouriella, Gleditsia Torn and Clematis, Dipsacus, Angelica and Epimedium.

In all these Rehmannia is considered to be the primary ingredient. It is known for providing several benefits to the body. It is considered to be the best medicine if a person is suffering from arthritis, back and shoulder pain and in the deficiency of blood. It also helps to enhance the healing of the damages that have occurred to the bones. It also plays a vital function to maintain the level of blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. Further, it is also recommended to the patients who suffer from constipation and diabetes.

The second ingredient is Cooked Rehmannia. It is considered to be quiet beneficial for the kidneys, heart and liver. It provides you relief from fatigue and also controls the menstrual flow.

The next ingredient used in Wang Bi Ke Li is termed as Dipsacus. It is slightly warm in nature and has an acrid and bitter in taste. Dipsacus is a kind of herb that is suggested for the treatment of traumatic injuries associated with bones and arthritis. This herb is very popular and is used in treating several harmful diseases like Cancer as well as Diaphoretic. It addition it also helps in curing diseases like Diuretic, various skin diseases as well as is also used in Homeopathy. Thus Dipsacus is very effective.

The next useful ingredient is Angelica. This herb is used as a good remedy for coughs, cold, wind, rheumatism, stiff shoulders and pleurisy. In addition it is also used for treating several harmful diseases related to urinary organs. The only precaution to be taken while taking this herb is for the diabetic patients as this herb leads to the increase in the amount of sugar in the urine of the person taking it.

Other than the above ingredients, another useful ingredient is Drynaria. This herb is considered as the most important herb in China and is best in healing the badly damaged ligaments as well as the bones and arthritis. The utility of this herb lies in the fact that it is used in combination with most of the formulas for treating torn ligaments as well as broken bones. Traditionally this herb was considered as the best for curing toothaches.

Along with the above there are several other useful ingredients found in this medicine like Cinnamon Twig, Epimedium, Ledebouriella, Clematis as well as Gleditsia Torn. These herbs are also very useful and are used in curing several harmful diseases.

You could go ahead and try Wang Bi Ke Li (Wang Bi Granule) for recovery from arthritis or low back pain it is guaranteed sure to give you the results and there are a number of people out there who can vouch for Wang Bi Ke Li (Wang Bi Granule).

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