Zhui Feng Gao Herbal Plasters is best for providing relief from muscular fatigue, muscular pain

Published: 23rd September 2008
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Zhui Feng Gao Plasters is popularly known as ache free herbal plasters because of its characteristic of providing instant relief from the pain. Zhui Feng Gao Plaster is a renowned Chinese herbal formula that provides quick relief from severe pain in the body. It is made by using special herbs. Pure, essential and natural herbs are used as ingredients of this medicine. You feel relaxed after using Zhui Feng Gao Plasters. It also helps in circulation of blood and helps in reducing dampness.

The main ingredients of this Chinese medicine are Dahurian Angelica Root, Pinellia Rhizome, Engelica Root, Cortex Cinnamoni and Argy Wormwood Leaf

Let us look into the Angelica root usage in Zhui Feng Gao Plasters. This Chinese herb has proved itself as a useful therapeutic for several disorders. It is also known as 'cure-all' herb for disorders related to Gynecologic. It has proved its usefulness in conditions like anaemia, postmenopausal symptoms, and menstrual discomfort. You would definitely get relief from any muscular discomforts. It also helps in reducing the severity of leukorrhagia. It also enhances blood circulation and is known for giving relief from asthma, hay fever, osteoporosis and eczema.

The next ingredient present is Dahurian angelica root. This herb is pungent in flavor and is bit warm in property. It is mainly useful for lungs and stomach. It is useful in relieving common cold, stuffy nose, headache, pain in forehead and superciliary region, toothache. It is also helpful in treating various body infections, acute mastitis, leukorrhagia, poria, and stomachache.

The third ingredient of this medicine is Cortex Cinnamoni. This herb is mainly used in treating problems associated with kidneys, impotence, dysuria edema, poor appetite, lienteric diarrhea. It also helps to alleviates pain and relieves you from cold. It also helps in circulation of blood and energy and other vital nutrients. You would therefore get relief from muscular fatigue and pain.

The next important ingredient is Pinellia Rhizome, which increases circulation of blood in the body. It dries out dampness from the body and alters the phlegm. It also plays a significant role in regulating the flow of Qi. The person suffering from distention also gets relief with the help of this ingredient as it helps in dissipating the nodules that in turn can provide relief from distention. In addition, when this ingredient is combined with other useful ingredients, it produces the effects that are very useful in curing most of the diseases.

The last but the most important ingredient of Zhui Feng Gao Herbal Plasters is Argy wormwood leaf. This useful ingredient helps in dispelling cold as well as well as provides relief to the patient in the state of cold. In case the person is bleeding because of any wound, this herb is useful for him as well as it stops bleeding. The herb when combined with other useful herbs also helps in fighting against various harmful diseases. It is therefore a very important herb is used to make Zhui Feng Gao Herbal Plasters more effective.

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